The Men’s Mastery Program

The Men’s Mastery Program is a modern day rite of passage. Focused on mastering all aspects of the healthy masculine, it offers the most vigorous and comprehensive men’s health and well-being program in the world.

Overview of the Program

The Men’s Mastery Program is the very foundation of what Man Up offers. It is the culmination of more than 20 years of work that brings together leading edge research and practices designed to help men step into the ultimate version of masculinity required for the 21st century.  After completion of the Program, men will be better equipped to meet, head on, the challenges, demands, and complexity of modern day life, forging a better future for them, their families, their community, and the world.

Program Outline

The Men’s Mastery Program is designed to empower men with key foundational capacities that will assist them in gaining traction in all areas of their life. The capacities have been specifically selected for their potency and effectiveness in attaining and maintaining positive change in a man’s life.

Participants Will Learn How To

  • Recognise and overcome old destructive patterns
  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Manage their emotions
  • Use their emotions to effect change in their life
  • Show empathy
  • Reconnect with their partner and other people / groups in their life
  • Resolve conflict
  • Ask for support from people
  • Build robust physical health
  • Cook nourishing food
  • Build limitless energy
  • Eliminate pain and improve posture
  • Bullet proof their immune system
  • Build and maintain a strong yet flexible body
  • Prevent and reverse disease
  • Create a state of relaxation
  • Meditate and use mindfulness techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Ex-servicemen who are struggling to re-integrate and recover from operational tours
  • Men who are having relationship troubles (divorce / separation / affairs / destructive conflict)
  • Men who struggle to communicate
  • Men who have a lot of unresolved conflict in their life
  • Men who are isolated from friends, family, and / or peer groups
  • Men who are depressed and anxious
  • Men who have a victim / negative mindset
  • Men who suffer from perpetual “bad luck”
  • Men who are experiencing substance abuse / addictions
  • Men who feel stuck in a rut
  • Men who want more from life
  • Men who have a hard time expressing their emotions
  • Men who’s partners complain about their lack of emotional availability
  • Men who are avoiding life
  • Men who feel emasculated and a sense of powerlessness in their lives
  • Men who are devoid of purpose
  • Men who are looking for a career change
  • Men who want to enhance the success that they are already experiencing

What The Program Includes

  • Men’s Mastery Manual (includes course notes, DVD, recipes, and action setting strategies)
  • Participation in experiential and guided practices
  • A thirty minute, 4 week follow up coaching call to anchor the teachings
  • Nutrient dense, tasty, organic food
  • Emotional intelligence discussion and practices
  • Powerful self-awareness practices
  • Group discussions – authentic, vulnerable, and empowering men’s group chats
  • Individual practices to improve contemplation skills
  • Partner practices to improve interpersonal skills
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Exercise and yoga
  • Support and challenge from other men in guided supportive campfire conversations
  • Guidance and mentorship from a coach who has experienced and overcome the challenges he helps men recover from

Benefits of Completing the Men’s Mastery Program

Participants will benefit from:

  • Fast-tracking your recovery from crisis and challenging situations (learning from a facilitator who has spent years uncovering the most effective strategies to lead a healthier, more successful life).
  • Develop high-level skills in attaining and maintaining optimum health and well-being so you can meet any future challenges with confidence.
  • Develop an action plan for life so that you prevent old destructive patterns and habits re-emerging.
  • 20 years of condensed leading edge information that would otherwise take years to gather.
  • A comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to health and well-being that covers all aspects including physical, mental / emotional, relational and social.
  • A practical and interactive course designed to increase your confidence in living a full and abundant life.
  • A sense of hope and empowerment that you can overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you.
  • Mateship with like-minded men who will continue to challenge and support you on your journey.
  • The knowledge and tools to conquer any adversity that you encounter.
  • A life philosophy that will help you navigate the most demanding scenarios.
  • A sense of purpose, and ways to help you stay aligned with it.
  • Renew vigour for life.
  • Access to other Man Up services to help you stay aligned with your purpose (group coaching, higher levels of Men’s Mastery Program)


The Facilitator

Men's Health Presenter Sydney

Men’s Health Presenter Sydney – James Menage

James Menage, Man Up’s founder, is an international coach, presenter, and expert in the field of men’s health. James draws upon his 15 years of experience in the health industry, working with hundreds of men in 2 countries, as well as his training with globally renowned human development experts to design and deliver The Men’s Mastery Program.

James has served as the resident health and well-being expert for several of the world’s leading magazines. He regularly presents for companies including: Apple, Westpac, Lend Lease, Bauer Media, ACP Magazines, Lululemon, Industry Super, The Garvan Institute, and a range of exclusive health providers.

James was the keynote speaker for Apple’s health and well-being week, and represented Lululemon in their recent men’s health campaign. In 2014 Man Up partnered with International Men’s Health Week, delivering seminars to raise awareness about men’s health. James also led a weekly rehabilitation program for Vietnam Veterans in 2012, including classroom-based discussions about nutrition and lifestyle, and group physical exercise.

Prior to becoming a leader in the health industry, James served as a Paratrooper in the British Armed Forces for 4 years and completed 2 operational tours. James’ time in the armed forces gave him a unique insight into the socialised norms that many men operate under, and how this seriously out-dated view of masculinity hinders men’s ability to succeed in the modern world. It also taught James how to thrive in life threatening, highly volatile, and crisis situations. Whilst serving in Kuwait James lost a colleague and friend in a training exercise. James saw firsthand how the military fail to deal with a tragedy like this, and in their failure to deal with it, leave trauma unresolved in their troops, with sometimes debilitating or fatal consequences.

James’s knowledge and passion has helped hundreds of men improve their lives, motivating them to make the necessary changes to prevent and reverse disease, depression, divorce, and debt. James’ personal experience in knowing how to overcome each of these aspects in his own life has led to him building a repertoire of highly effective strategies and practical tools to become truly healthy in all these areas. James passionately shares his experiences and discoveries to help other men achieve optimum health and high performance.

James sees men’s individual growth and evolution as inextricably linked to overcoming the current collective and global crises we face. His life mission is to equip men with the tools to lead humanity to a more sustainable and successful future.

The Men’s Mastery Program – 3 Levels of Insight and Embodiment

The Men’s Mastery Program consists of three different levels. Each level comprises of a separate retreat / workshop that helps take men deeper on their journey to freedom and success.

Foundational – The foundational level program is designed for men who have little or no experience with personal development. At this level men are taught the basic skills and traits they will need to take their life to the next level.

Deepening – The deepening level program is for men who have done moderate amounts of personal development work, or who have completed the foundational program. This program builds upon the skills learnt in the foundational program, and will help a man enhance the capacities worked on in previous stages.

Mastery – The Mastery level is for men who are looking to build upon a seasoned knowledge in personal development, or they have completed the previous levels of The Men’s Mastery Program. The practices and information given will help a man build upon his current level of life mastery, and will involve a more individualised approach to whatever deep challenges are being asked of him.


The Program is delivered in a number of different formats – weekend retreats, workshops and one-on-one coaching. The whole Program is covered in each of the formats (although there are slight variations). It depends on individual needs as to which mode of delivery a participant or organisation would choose. Below are the unique selling points of each format.

Weekend Retreat

The Men’s Mastery Retreat offers participants a fun and highly experiential learning experience over 2 days (including an overnight stay) with the backdrop of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and surrounding National Park. The delivery of The Men’s Mastery Program as a retreat allows the participants to build connections with other men and enhances the relational aspect of the program. The campfire talks give men a chance to experience what other men have done for thousands of years, sitting around a fire and talking about their adversities, and jointly problem-solving to overcome them.


The Men’s Mastery Workshop offers men the chance to experience the Program in their office or at a nearby location. The Program may be delivered over two full days or can be broken down into smaller modules and delivered over a longer time frame. Men get a chance to build connections with like-minded men and create a community that will provide them both support and challenge. Delivery of the Program in this format makes it more accessible for workplaces wishing to involve their staff but who do not wish to send them away overnight.

One on-One Coaching

Alongside the Men’s Mastery Program is a one-on-one coaching program designed to assist men to achieve their individual goals more quickly and easily. Each coachee is provided with their own unique coaching program with customised goals, capabilities, and strategies, to meet their individual needs, and overcome any of the unique challenges he might be facing in his life. Our in-depth assessment enables the coach to provide a streamlined and targeted program in each of the four core dimensions of life. This individualised program may be embarked on after attending the weekend retreat or workshop, or it can be embarked on instead of attending these group sessions.

Why Do We Need The Men’s Mastery Program?

It is no secret that men’s health is suffering in a number of areas.

Snapshot of the Current State of Men’s Health

The following statistics are a snapshot of the current state of men’s ill-health:

  • Men die of all of the 15 leading causes of death more frequently than women (Physical)
  • There are almost 7 suicides per day in Australia, 5 of which are men (Mental / Emotional)
  • 66% of divorces are initiated by women (Relational)
  • 67.7% of people sleeping rough every night are men (Social)

We don’t have all the answers but we explore some potential causes, and some strategies for creating optimum health. Some of the possible causes include – no rite of passage for boys becoming men, and an out-dated view of masculinity.

From Boy’s to Men (or maybe not)!

The Men’s Mastery Program has been specifically designed to re-introduce the lost tradition of the rite of passage. In our culture, rites of passage no longer exist, and there are few positive male role models for boys to emulate, leaving us ill-prepared to meet the complexity of life. So, while physical maturity is inevitable, there is no guarantee that men will reach mental and emotional maturity. Many gender experts agree that men are some 50 years behind women in their psychological development.

The Men’s Mastery Program was created to assist men in their evolution and enhance their well-being physically, mentally / emotionally, relationally, and socially. During the Program men will define, learn, and embody foundational capacities that will help supercharge their health, and enhance their ability to succeed in all aspects of their life.

The Evolution of the Masculine

The Men’s Mastery Program uncovers the evolving versions of masculinity that men have available to them today. There are essentially 3 different versions of manhood that boys, are socialised into during their lives:

  • The Traditional/Conservative Masculine (The Chauvinistic Jerk).
  • The Post Modern Masculine (The Metro-sexual Wimp).
  • The Integral Masculine (The Mindful Warrior).

The limitations and strengths of each stage of manhood are explored during the Program.

The Men’s Mastery Program has been created to assist men in their evolution towards The Mindful Warrior, or Integral Masculine. This is the most evolved paradigm in masculinity that men have available to them today, and aspiring to it, assists men in becoming the best man that they can be.

During the Program, these capacities are built through different practices and learning modules. Presentations, videos, journaling, DVD, group discussions, and individual, partner and group role-plays, are some of the ways in which men learn to embody the 16 traits of the healthy masculine. A course folder is provided which assists men in taking notes, setting actions, and referring back to key messages later.


What Our Clients Say Us

Anthony McAuliffe (Harvard Graduate and Director at Value Retail)

“I offer the highest possible recommendation for James Menage. He is an excellent coach: low keyed, yet intensely focussed, a creative motivator, and a challenging coach. I have had the opportunity to work with many coaches in several countries (including the reigning Mr Universe at the time I trained with him), and James has out shone them all. He delivers outstanding results.”

James Weis (Coach and Psychologist)

“I was initially unsure as to how James would help me (or that I even really needed any help) as I’d never spoken to a coach before. If I had known what a profound difference it would make to myself and my life, I would have done it years ago! I am a much more well-rounded individual, and James has fired up a drive and determination in me that I never knew existed. My connection with my family and myself has deepened and grown in indescribable ways. If you are looking for someone to support, mentor, and inspire you on your journey, if you are ready to find a new direction – be it a new course of study, defining your career direction, realising personal goals and achievements, resolving family and relationship conflict, or taking charge of your life then I couldn’t recommend James enough. Thank you I am eternally grateful.”

Gerard Benn (Marketer and Entrepreneur)

“I attended the Man Up Group Coaching with little expectation as I had just had a fairly ‘ordinary’ experience in another men’s group. The first session put any doubts or reservations to rest. It was structured, supportive, real, and incredibly powerful. I was sold. The group dynamic goes beyond the two-hour monthly sessions and quickly turns into something that becomes a part of your everyday life. Its bonding, mates, venting, laughing, crying, meditation, and therapy all in one! It should be compulsory for every man…”

Tim Kyle (Director at Herbert Smith Freehills)

“I took away fresh ideas and a new perspective from James’ seminar.  It was helpful to appreciate more fully the distinction between outward signs of good health on the one hand, and a truer measure of overall health on the other hand – and how that measure is impacted by a multitude of less obvious factors. This appreciation has allowed me to start better managing those factors, and so my overall health. It also highlighted that a number of vulnerabilities can be embedded within perceived strength.  I would recommend it to anyone who is open to thinking a bit more deeply about how life can be made the optimum experience.”

Nicole Lesnik (Health and Safety Advisor, Bauer Media)

“We were delighted to bring James into our organisation and have him provide a focus on Men’s Health and Wellbeing, and an insight into a way of thinking we had not really encountered before.  The information was not only relevant to the men in our organisation, but hugely valuable for our female staff to better understand and support the men in their lives.  James has a great manner and makes all participants feel comfortable and relaxed.  We will certainly be bringing James back to our workplace again in 2015.”

Basil Privitera (Bauer Media)

“Just when we thought all the focus was on women’s needs (and that’s Ok), along came James to add a little bit of balance, and self-awareness of our specific and particular issues.  Whilst the session doesn’t attempt to solve them all, it at least sparked some conversations within us that, with a hint of courage, we can share with other men, and will lead to more open and honest discussion.”

Robyn Fitzpatrick (Health and Well-being Co-ordinator, Garvan Institute)

“James was invited to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in February 2014 to give a presentation and talk on men’s health to Garvan staff. Although our staff are primarily researchers and scientists, they tend not to take care of their own health. James was knowledgeable on this subject, engaging and interacted well with the audience. I would highly recommend James for future talks and seminars.”

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