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Man Up offers men’s groups in Sydney.

Men have sat around camp fires for millennia storytelling, and unwinding from the stresses of life. Our men’s group coaching sessions mirror these campfire experiences, while simultaneously using a specific structure with advanced coaching techniques. Men are provided the opportunity to gain the support of other men, while being challenged, offered advice (when needed and asked for), and held accountable by the group. Men’s group also provides a source of emotional support for men in a non-judgmental environment where they can open up, share their challenges in life, whilst taking responsibility, and committing to positive action.

Current topics that men discuss when they gather together:

  1. Women as sex objects
  2. Business
  3. Weather
  4. Sport
  5. Equipment (computers, cars, tools, guns etc.)

Follow this link to a more in depth description of what you can expect


Gerard Benn (Marketer and entrepreneur)

I attended the Man Up men’s group with little expectation as I had just had a fairly ‘ordinary’ experience in another men’s group. The first session put any doubts or reservations to rest. It was structured, supportive, real and incredibly powerful. I was sold. The group dynamic goes beyond the 2 hour monthly sessions and quickly turns into something that becomes a part of your every day life. Its bonding, mates, venting, laughing, crying, meditation and therapy all in one! It should be compulsory for every man…

Anton Katz (Finance)

When James first told me about the Men’s Group he ran, I was curious and was hoping to know about the group. I had attended MKP weekly Men’s Group’s in the past, but on one or two levels found them a little lacking. I’m not sure if it was the format or approach, but something there seemed to be missing. So upon hearing about James’s group I thought I would give it a try

What I found is that even though the basic structure or framework was the same as other groups (like MKP), James wrapped it up in his own unique package which worked a whole lot better for me. For example we start the group with a meditative check-in which really sets the tone well. So the approach and structure for me was a lot more powerful than I had experienced in the past, and we worked through the issues in a really holistic and thorough manner. Each group has been unique and groundbreaking in its own way, and even when I have not needed to work through issues, I have come out learning lots.

So for men out there who have hit a crossroads in their life, and are looking to move forward and/or work the blocks that are holding them back, I would highly recommend this group. It provides a very supportive, non-judgmental and non-clinical environment where a man can get what he needs in a clear and  objective manner.


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