How To Meet “The One”

In today’s blog we are going to look at how to meet the woman of your dreams. Separation and divorce is traumatic for everyone involved so by picking a more suitable life partner at the start you can improve your chances of finding and sustaining a loving relationship.

The prevalence of divorce speaks volumes about our inability to not only choose wisely but also to maintain a relationship. There are dozens of aspects that we should be aware of as men when choosing a life partner but because this blog is only short we’ll focus in on just a few rules that you should be aware of.

For lots of men one of our primary needs in an intimate partner is beauty and youth. From an evolutionary perspective it ensures our genetic need to father lots of beautiful children. That’s great if we only had biological needs but as humans in 21st century are needs are multi-factorial and if you base your relationship purely on biological needs then your relationship is probably not going to last too long.

“For every beautiful woman you see walking down the street, there’s some guy bored of screwing her”.

Whenever I see a beautiful woman I usually think “wow she is hot but I bet she’s high maintenance” and by that I believe that beautiful women have been told time and time again that they are physically attractive so that’s where they concentrate their efforts because that’s where they believe their power is – the power of seduction at least and the power to manipulate their environment – (men are conditioned to pursue, pay for and protect beautiful women). Problem is that they don’t work on their inner beauty. Great if you are taking them into a pub to meet your mates but not so great if you’re wanting to spend the rest of your life with them.

So how do we choose a life partner more wisely? We need to pick a woman who is going to be our lover, best friend and soul mate. If we satisfy these 3 criteria then the longevity of our relationship will surely increase.

The woman we choose has to have that certain je ne sa que or x factor as I call it. We should be physically attracted to them and we should find them sexy. Sexy is not physically attractive. Sexy is the x factor that I talk about. It’s difficult to say exactly what it is but you’ll know when they have it. You just get incredibly turned on by them and struggle to take your eyes off of them.

The best friend part of the equation relates to the more subjective aspect of a person. What are their values, beliefs and dreams in life? and more importantly do they match yours? Misalignment in this area can cause a huge amount of tension in your every day life.

Soul mates may sound corny but hear me out. You need to have a shared agreement with your partner that your intimate relationship will become a crucible for your personal development. A mentor of mine says that intimate relationship is the ashram of the 21st century. What does he mean by that? Your attract someone to you who will stimulate whatever is unresolved in you. Your partner will have the uncanny ability to trigger you better than anyone else. They will push all your buttons and probable install a few new ones as well. If you are looking for personal growth and to transcend the wounded/immature parts of yourself then might be no better place than your committed relationship.

You’ll only ever attract your equal to you in the first place so personal development whilst your still single will help refine your frequency, acting as a beckon for your beloved.

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