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Our one-on-one coaching program is designed to assist men achieve their individual goals more quickly and easily. Each coachee is provided with their own unique coaching program with customised goals, capabilities, and strategies, to meet their individual needs, and overcome any of the unique challenges he might be facing in his life. Our in-depth assessment enables the coach to provide a streamlined and targeted program in each of the four core dimensions of life.

About the Coach

Men's Health Presenter Sydney

Men’s Health Presenter Sydney – James Menage

James Menage, Man Up’s founder, is an international coach, presenter, and expert in the field of men’s health. James has drawn upon his 15 years of experience in the health industry, working with hundreds of men in 2 countries and his training with globally renowned human development experts to create The Men’s Mastery Program.

James has written and served as the resident health and well-being experts for several of the world’s top magazines. He regularly presents in companies like Apple, Lend Lease, Lululemon, Industry Super, and The Garvan Institute. James was the keynote speaker for Apple’s health and well-being week and represented Lululemon in their recent men’s health campaign.

Prior to  becoming a leader in the health industry James served as a Paratrooper in the British Armed Forces for 4years and completed 2 operational tours. James’ time in the armed forces gave him a unique insight into the cultural constraints that men operate under in order to “fit in” and how this outdated view of masculinity hinders our ability to succeed. It also helped James understand how to thrive in life threatening, crisis, and highly volatile situations.

James’s knowledge and passion has helped hundreds of men improve their lives,  motivating them to make the necessary changes to prevent and reverse disease, depression, divorce, and debt. James’ personal experience with each of these aspects of his own life has given him the practical understanding of what is required for men to be truly healthy in all dimensions of their lives.

What James’ clients are saying about him and his programs

A McAuliffe

I offer the highest possible recommendation for James Menage. He is an excellent coach: low keyed yet intensely focussed, a creative motivator and a challenging coach. I have had the opportunity to work with many coaches in several countries (including the reigning Mr Universe at the time I trained with him), and James has out shined them all. He delivers outstanding results.

J Weis

I was initially unsure as to how James would help me (or that I even really needed any help) as I’d never spoken to a coach before. If I had known what a profound difference it would make to my-self and my life, I would have done it years ago! I am a much more well -rounded individual and James has fired up a drive and determination in me that I never knew existed. My connection with my family and myself has deepened and grown in indescribable ways. If you are looking for someone to support, mentor and inspire you on your journey, if you are ready to find a new direction – be it a new course of study, defining your career direction, realising personal goals and achievements, resolving family and relationship conflict, or taking charge of your life then I couldn’t recommend James enough. Thank you I am eternally grateful.’

A Woodland

 That experience I had with the homeless guy had a profound effect on me too. Tomorrow I’m calling the local homeless charity to see if I can help in some capacity. I feel so strongly about it, I look back at the way I was and what I could have become. If you hadn’t stepped in my drinking could have got out of control, I could have slipped into a depression of booze and self pity. It might even have lead to me losing my job.

I feel so relaxed especially when I’ve used meditation to stay focused. It’s gripped my life. I’ve cancelled everything I don’t need from phone to sky sports, I’m saving Money now, I’m seeing friends more regularly and made good old friendships. I see my family more and no longer make excuses not to see people. I’m chatting to a really nice lady on an online dating site, taking it slowly and planning to meet.

I applied for that job near where I was brought up so I can be closer to my family and the majority of my mates. Couldn’t have done all this without you and I feel so much better for it. I love the way I am and how I’m utilising my time. I don’t feel like there is any room for improvement.

I bought some clothes and on one of the labels it says that it’s never too late to be the person you’re meant to be, I feel like the person I’m meant  to be and I owe it all to you.


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