From Boys To Men (Or Maybe Not)!











I think we are evolving (men). I think that we are beginning to “get it”.

Our progress is slow (cultural pressures), but the rumblings of profound change are upon us.

  • Take the Mick Fanning, shark incident as an example. Grown men, world class athletes, “macho” surfers, visibly shaken, crying, and hugging on international TV.
  • Barack Obama, president of United States of America, shedding tears, during his speech on gun control laws.
  • Sam Burgess, one of the toughest modern day rugby league players, reduced to tears at the end of the 2015 Grand Final.

It’s utter bullshit that men shouldn’t cry. Most men are sitting on a lifetime of grief, and hurt that needs to be expressed.

A man’s ability to express his hurt, is often buried underneath tonnes of cultural pressure, and conditioning to “man up”, and “big boys don’t cry”.

In order for a man to experience relational success he has to find his heart, and express the years of stored pain and grief that he’s hidden in an attempt to conform to conventional masculinity.

So let’s not just let our tears come in life changing events, like the above examples, lets take a stand to punch through the conventional norms of masculinity, and show the next generation of boy / young men, that crying is a healthy, and normal part of life.

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