James Menage – Men’s Health Coach

Men's Health Coach

James Menage – Men’s Health Coach

James Menage, Man Up’s founder, is an international coach, presenter, mediator, and expert in the field of men’s health. James draws upon his 15 years of experience in the health industry, working with hundreds of men in 2 countries, as well as his training with globally renowned human development experts to design and deliver The Men’s Mastery Program. The Men’s Mastery Program is a modern day rites of passage that offers the most vigorous and comprehensive men’s health and well-being program in the world, focused on mastering all aspects of the healthy masculine.

James has written and served as the resident health and well-being expert for several of the world’s leading magazines. He regularly presents for companies including: Apple, Westpac, Lend Lease, Bauer Media, ACP Magazines, Lululemon, Industry Super, The Garvan Institute, and a range of exclusive health providers. James was the keynote speaker for Apple’s health and well-being week, and represented Lululemon in their recent men’s health campaign. In 2014 Man Up partnered with International Men’s Health Week, delivering seminars to raise awareness about men’s health.

Prior to becoming a leader in the health industry, James served as a Paratrooper in the British Armed Forces for 4 years and completed 2 operational tours. James’ time in the armed forces gave him a unique insight into the socialised norms that many men operate under,  and how this outdated  view of masculinity hinders men’s ability to succeed in the modern world. It also taught James how to thrive in life threatening, highly volatile, and crisis situations.

James’s knowledge and passion has helped hundreds of men improve their lives,  motivating them to make the necessary changes to prevent and reverse disease, depression, divorce, and debt. James’ personal experience overcoming each of these aspects in his own life led to him building a repertoire of highly effective strategies and practical tools to become truly healthy in all these areas. James passionately shares his experiences and discoveries to help other men achieve optimum health and high performance.

James sees men’s individual growth and evolution as inextricably linked to overcoming the current collective and global crises we face. His life mission is to equip men with the tools to lead humanity to a more sustainable and successful future.