5 Sure Fire Ways To End Up In A Sexless Marriage

no sex imageResearch tells us that approximately 15-20% of couples identify as having sexless marriage. Experts define sexless as having sex less than 1 x per month or 10 x per year. Now of course, there are numerous reasons for sex going off the boil on your relationship, some of which you have control over, and others that you don’t.

For me there are two aspects of a sex life which tend to cause tension between couples and that is primarily the quantity, but also the quality. Lots of men are not happy with the amount of sex they having, some men are unhappy with the quality, and some poor buggers aren’t happy with both!

Below I’ve compiled a “tongue in cheek” look at some of the reasons, that you can control, that should boost both the quantity, and quality of sex that you are having.

So if you want to take sex off the menu in your marriage follow these simple rules:

  1. Put on Weight – Physical attraction is often the first portal that drives us to want to have sex with another, usually less so for women, but it’s certainly still a factor. Eat a really poor diet, go to bed late, and do bugger all exercise, this should do the trick for packing on the pounds, and putting your wife off ever wanting to get intimate with you again.
  2. Leave differences between you and your partner unresolved – Men are notoriously bad at addressing the challenges that arise in their relationship. The discomfort that arises is too much for their emotional capacity. So avoid this like the plague and just let the resentment build, and build, until you can’t stand the sight of each other, let alone want to jump into the sack!
  3. Focus all of your attention on everything but your wife – You know the drill:
  • Think about someone else whilst you’re having sex with your wife.
  • Pay more attention to your phone and your Facebook timeline when you are at home.
  • Have more interest in the footie score when you get home at the end of the week rather than how your wife’s day was.
  • When your wife is talking to you, focus all of your attention on your thoughts about what you have on the next day.

The lack of attention will usually set off a very deep childhood wound in your partner (the one where her dad never paid her enough attention) which will result in her shutting down and pulling away. Definitely no sex for you!

  1. Lose Your Masculine Edge – Sexual polarity is a key ingredient in your sex life whether you know it or not. When you are grounded in your masculine, if your wife is in their feminine, then there will be fireworks in the bedroom. The masculine and feminine refers to a bunch of traits and characteristics that you can embody that will help create sexual chemistry (much like the positive and negative that help create an electrical charge). You might have experienced this when you see a women walk down the street and she just has this “X Factor” that creates this magnetic quality about her. So if your wife has a feminine essence the best way to dropkick sex right out of the bedroom is to embody more feminine qualities. You know the drill, become needy, dependant, take a back seat on organising things, go with the flow, and become submissive. This will be a sure fire deal breaker for any bedroom antics for years to come.
  2. Make sex all about you – The male sex drive can be incredibly narcissistic. We seek to get our own sexual needs met, with little or no attention paid to meeting our partners. The best possible role models we can have in making sex all about us, are male porn stars. You know the script – make your partner give you head to get you hard, and then forget about getting her warmed up and go straight for the main course by jackhammering your way to an orgasm. Perfect for putting your partner off sex for life!

So there you have it. If you want to be a part of a sexless marriage do exactly as I’ve said above. If you don’t then do the exact opposite.


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