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The 3 Types Of Cheating That Will Break Hearts And Marriages

Even in a toxic, sexless, and failing marriage, I never physically cheated, on my now ex-wife. I came very close on one occasions and can see how easily it happens. I was in absolute turmoil. Desperate for closeness and intimacy. I just want to be wanted, and desired again. There was also a deep longing […]

From Boys To Men (Or Maybe Not)!

                  I think we are evolving (men). I think that we are beginning to “get it”. Our progress is slow (cultural pressures), but the rumblings of profound change are upon us. Take the Mick Fanning, shark incident as an example. Grown men, world class athletes, “macho” surfers, […]

6 Reasons Your Wife Is Thinking About Having An Affair

Nothing strikes fear into a man quite like the thought of someone else sleeping with his wife. Sometimes it takes an affair, or the threat of an affair, that shakes a man out of his relational apathy. It might be the most painful thing he ever experiences, but it’s been my experience, that if he […]

The 1 Reason Your Relationship Is Failing

Men are currently socialised in 2, outdated, versions of masculinity that doesn’t properly prepare them to face the complexity of intimate relationship, or life. The following statistics are a snapshot of the current state of men’s ill-health: Men’s life expectancy is 5 years less than women’s (79 and 84 respectively). Men die of all of […]

4 Key Principles Of A Successful Relationship (Part 3)

Part 3 of this blog is coming soon where we look at the second principle of relational success – The Mind and Emotions Part 3 In Part 3 of this blog we will take a look at the last “inner” principle of a successful relationship. Key Principle No 2 The Mind and Emotions When I […]

The 10 Commandments Of Intimate Relationship That Will Put Marriage Counsellors Out Of Work

We aren’t taught how to maintain a successful intimate relationship at school, and very often our template for relationship is forged by our parents, who also weren’t taught about relational success. “The blind leading the blind”! No wonder the divorce rate is so high, and no wonder the people who are happy and fulfilled in […]

The One, Little Known, Mistake Men Are Making That WILL Lead To Divorce

From Boys to Men (or maybe not)!! Emotional Baggage is something we often associate with an ex-girlfriend or even our current partner. You know, the loony one, who used to go crazy when we did or said something that triggered her. Well I have news for you, we all have it, to some degree or […]

The 4 Essential Practices of Healthy Men

                        You don’t have to scratch very far below the surface in a lot of men’s lives to find a tremendous amount of turmoil, suffering, and / or poor health. Juggling our work, children, partner (or partners!!!!), health, hobbies, home, money, and friends, is […]

5 Sure Fire Ways To End Up In A Sexless Marriage

Research tells us that approximately 15-20% of couples identify as having sexless marriage. Experts define sexless as having sex less than 1 x per month or 10 x per year. Now of course, there are numerous reasons for sex going off the boil on your relationship, some of which you have control over, and others […]